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EB Pronto and EBPEdit Version 1.x Information

This now-outdated page lists version 1.x history as it became available.

For current info, visit the version 2.x page. To find the number of the version you are using, choose the Help, About... menu in the program.

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EB Pronto™ EBPEdit Map Editor

We recommend the automated upgrade. If you prefer to upgrade manually, download EBPUP.ZIP and unzip it to replace your prior version. NOTE: this download contains only the files that have changed since 1.7.x. If you need a complete copy, download EBP.ZIP instead. Note: until you register an upgrade, you are limited in the new version to 2-player matches on the USA map, or 10 rounds on other maps.

EBP - Versions 1.7.x

The minor revisions below were released subsequent to version 1.7.0. These upgrades are free for those who are registered users of version 1.7.x.

  • version 1.7.29: during live Web play under certain match settings, when a Player discarded contracts, he might receive only one new contract from the GM, or receive a duplicate contract (now fixed)
  • version 1.7.28: Download Update window now displays your current game version number; restores load blinking chosen from right-click popup menu (broken by a recent mod); fixes "AppHangB1" (infinite loop) if under certain conditions AI unable to afford border crossing fees (Russia map)
  • version 1.7.27: stores your preferred location of map thumbnail independently for each map; fixes situation (introduced ver 1.7.26) in which the win would not be awarded if the player had recently reconnected his network after an event had destroyed track
  • version 1.7.26: in addition to stopping the match, the "Bots: halt on error" Game Option now also stops continuous play (if in use); fixes an "error 9 in act4000"; fixes an uncommon situation when borrowing permitted in which an AI bot would borrow to build track but not record 2x the loan; an active event during when AI needed to rent track could cause the AI to stop moving (fixed)
  • version 1.7.25: clicking the E (event) button above player contracts now scrolls them to Special Demands, if any; clicking above cash box now does similar; repairs an "Error 9 in avail" introduced ver 1.7.21; fixes the very rare "No data for buildtrial to restore" problem; improves AI play on maps with xspot mileposts (AOC, CAN); "Halt on error" game option, in addition to halting continuous-play, now unminimizes game window upon an error; for AI continuous-play, caption of Game Status window now shows date/time play started
  • version 1.7.24: best AI bot skill and speed so far; AI trip planning now up to 50% faster, without compromising skill; since AI speed was already more than ample for interactive play vs humans, this speed increase is primarily a boon for map designers who run continuous AI games to test a map; fixes possible "error 9 in mp2mpdistseg" upon AI restarting; repairs problem introduced ver 1.7.20 that interfered with AI building to pick up Xspot loads (Agent of Change map); assorted AI tweaks reduce restarts; AI delivers pilgrims once again (broken by previous ver); AI stats report now includes number of "OC dels" (Open Contract deliveries) and 2x-ties (a given match tied twice); AI stats report now includes misc data about winners: min/max: track spending, cash at end, loads delivered, distance moved; fixed uncommon situation in which AI would pitch contracts then during same round move its train; word from Microsoft is they have adjusted Windows Defender to correct the virus false alarm it had recently been giving for the game programs
  • version 1.7.23: continuous AI games with Randomness set to None no longer replay the same match repeatedly; fixes error when AI train in unfriendly city while strike event active; recognizes https for saved-game downloads; external help driver rgfhelp.exe now available only with map editor (not needed unless you choose external help in Display Settings)
  • version 1.7.22: adds option to employ quantum randomness in matches; new option to generate a reusable, fixed set of random numbers for game elements so, for example, you can replay a match with the same sequence of contracts and events in order to test different play strategies; to internal Help window: fixed search term highlighting that was missing, added Find feature
  • version 1.7.21: repairs AI "wandering" track builds infrequently done when its train is in unserved city after having rented opponent track to get there; improves on Circus fix of ver 1.7.20 which was insufficient; permits a loan to pay border crossing fee (such as on RUS map) if borrowing variant enabled; improves AI play in several areas: end-game, Pbem matches, shortcut track building, and opponent track rental; attempted fix for unrepeatable report of AI upgrading engine then moving (prior to next turn)
  • version 1.7.20: fixes a failure to recognize user change to Circus contract numbers in Game Setup window; replots map after window unminimize to remove leftover blinking city blocks; adds assorted helpful messages to Loads window
  • version 1.7.19: unminimizes a minimized map window if a game activated via an .ebz PBeM saved game file
  • version 1.7.18: improvements in support of international compatibility; minor performance tweaks
  • version 1.7.17: fixes a trip planner problem that during events could cause inability to find city from which to start trip; fixes failure to note Open Contract deliveries in game history; Game Status Info now shows number of Open Contracts delivered by each player; modifications to date handling to better handle uncommon date formats and detect problems; minor cosmetic changes
  • version 1.7.16: fixes AI problem checking remaining events when estimating its track build cost; fixes improper event "has already occured" message in milepost information; closes loophole by which player could end build at a teleport (this could later prevent him from meeting victory conditions); adds to Display Settings ability to toggle Sound Effects on/off
  • version 1.7.15: during Light Trains variant now replots max move circles when Loads window closes; fixes stat collection of multiple instances of EBP AI-only matches (broken by 1.7.14); minor AI and display tweaks
  • version 1.7.14: new: right-click milepost Information now reports of possible track destruction to adjacent mps; support new "turn around" Star Effect; repairs "error 11" caused by teleports between big cities; fixes failure to disallow building in Jungles due to event; fixes multiple problems with train movement involving Star Effects; fixes event effects that should have impacted only selected ferries but were impacting all
  • version 1.7.13: new: Display Settings offers checkboxes to enable/disable animation of cash, contracts, and train movement; supports custom Pilgrim-type load names; handles "Not in desert" event movement option; fixes failure to disallow building in Forests due to event; minor cosmetic changes
  • version 1.7.12: fixes "No corridor" error introduced by ver 1.7.11; fixes uncommon "out of bounds" error during events; minor cosmetic and speed enhancements
  • version 1.7.11: improves AI play during Light Trains variant; fixes (removes) permitted extra movement from Light Trains when player stopped due to event; during connect-only variant (WinCash=0), removes "connect cities" reminder upon deliveries; fixes failure of AI to rush-connect big cities during Sudden Death; minor cosmetic and speed enhancements
  • version 1.7.10: fixes improper Event display of new build cost; fixes failure to apply Event to independently chosen terrain selections
  • version 1.7.9: new: checkbox in Display Settings window toggles availability of text-to-speech via Alt key; fixes: mileposts inside oval cities that were being treated as if they were city edge mileposts; corrects display of oval cities that use star style; minor cosmetic changes
  • version 1.7.8: cleans up some display leftovers when building/erasing track; enables mouse-over contracts during Suggest Plan display; minor cosmetic changes
  • version 1.7.7: fixes: AI could sometimes stall upon track builds during indefinite-duration events; search of Browser-based help was not working; repairs possible missing player name in Game Status window; automatically resumes game after user interrupts and changes game settings/options; better coordinates game interruptions during web play
  • version 1.7.6: fixes failure of "Set All Payoffs" to be recognized by remote computers during Web play and Pbem; fixes "Error 9 in actcard" if certain event effects occurred prior to a player placing his train at the start of a match
  • version 1.7.5: new: ability to toggle off individual events via Show, Event Info (useful to eliminate a specific event you dislike, and for map testing); adds support for Star Bonus event effect; certain new event effects were not activating (fixed)
  • version 1.7.4: fixes event area for certain events such as Moon's Meteor Shower; minor cosmetic changes
  • version 1.7.3: repairs failure of Derailments to trigger loss of load; fixes Russian Scandal event that was being skipped
  • version 1.7.2: certain events that should expire (such as China Celebration) were not doing so (repaired)
  • version 1.7.1: fixes delayed engine upgrade if OK (done) clicked before upgrade animation completed

EBP - Version 1.7 - Events

Version 1.7 was first released May 2017. Here is some of what's new:

  • different art displayed for each engine type, or custom art supplied with map
  • engine upgrades roll (animate) into place
  • upon load delivery, your new contract is wiped into place
  • AI can now play the "Connect-only" variant (connect big cities), to try it set Wincash to $0
  • extra contracts tossed at start become Open Contracts, if that variant is enabled
  • option to toggle text drop shadows off/on via Display Settings
  • improvement to AI play when low on cash
  • map display no longer drags/scrolls when unzoomed -- easier track building on large monitors
  • displays unique symbol at city where loads cannot be picked up or delivered during match remainder
  • performance improvements throughout UI and AI, this is the fastest EBP yet
  • adds new event effects to support game maps in development (see EBPEdit 1.7 features)
  • fixes inability to expire events of indefinite duration
  • adds a new Help system that displays help topics without the need for a browser
  • the new Help offers topic-spanning text search and keyword list features
  • the new Help can appear as your choice of separate app (rgfhelp.exe), intergrated within EBP, or via browser
  • in-game help contents updated
  • consolidates Interrupt play feature into Game Halt, for clarity
  • auto-halts then saves continuous-play matches that have stalled (assists map development); increments and displays count
  • "Bots: halt on error" checkbox stops a continuous play match if a trappable error occurs so as to assist map debugging
  • minor cosmetic changes and bug fixes
  • cross-version compatible for Play-by-email with opponents using version 1.6.x
  • upward compatibility with maps and saved games from all prior versions

EBP - Versions 1.6.x

The minor revisions below were released subsequent to version 1.6.0. These upgrades are free for those who are registered users of version 1.6.x.

  • version 1.6.39: mouse-over contracts left of map now blinks cities / loads even when Loads or Select windows are open; rearranging onboard loads or having a load delivery rejected no longer cancels ability to undo movement; minor cosmetic changes
  • version 1.6.38: improvements to map and contract display programming make this the fastest EBP yet; fixes truncated contract display when Contracts window open (broken by 1.6.37); remembers Contracts window location between sessions; fixes failure of Events window to display area coverage of certain events during match play; fixes failure to save across sessions Game Options settings for a map; fixes failure to display Web match GM's dot address if it began with the digit 9; mods to extract new-format IP address supplied by ipdetect.dnspark.com for Web play; new Ctrl+F shortcut key to search; minor cosmetic changes
  • version 1.6.37: Automove now turns off if a new Open Contract becomes available; improvements to keyboard operation of Loads window; speeds Replay feature by roughly 50%; repairs various failures of Replay feature's single step mode; repairs excess event-triggered track destruction during Replay; stops Esc key at message box from invoking Help; minor speed and cosmetic changes
  • version 1.6.36: when map thumb and cashbox share lower-left corner, cash box now brought to top via more methods, such as when done dragging main map or by mousing over a player's cash bar below his loads; fixes failure to hide thumb map upon choosing that Display Settings option; repairs an uncommon failure to make payment for Special Demand delivery involving multiple of same load; fixes failure to display Select window if user left it open after employing Suggest Plan; adds Payoff/Delivery stat to Game Summary
  • version 1.6.35: adjustments to registration process
  • version 1.6.34: fixes possible error A424 upon startup
  • version 1.6.33: fixes failure to collect green and yellow border crossing fees; if avatar image missing, its name now included in error message
  • version 1.6.32: supports Paypal online ordering
  • version 1.6.31: modifies rail use fee collection so it now precedes load delivery; wrong engine name might be displayed for TunnelBuildMin message; fixes missing extra info in Loads window upon drag-redrop of Available load (broken by 1.6.30); fixes missing scroll bar in contracts area (broken by 1.6.30); minor cosmetic changes
  • version 1.6.30: fixes mouse-over movement distance display for certain events and water mps; now rounds up max allowed movement distance to water/snow mps (COL map); adds robustness in support of future hardware; expands to more windows voice/audio via Alt+Click; minor tweaks to AI play
  • version 1.6.29: fixes inability to undo movement if that movement occurred after arrival in a city; permits multiple players to connect to a teleport if the map allows; removes improper info report of event being able to destroy track where no track can be built; updates container ferry display immediately after a build; animation mods to accommodate future super-fast computers
  • version 1.6.28: new: press Ctrl-+ or Ctrl-- to increase or decrease font size; right-click load on contract left of map, choose Automove, and EBP lets you pick from a list of supply cities you serve; improves AI track builds on maps with teleports, also resolving a rare hang; fixes improper ability to build across barriers in Pbem match initiated by copying settings from a Mars map match; internal mods to support future enhancements; minor cosmetic changes
  • version 1.6.27: for speed EBP no longer compresses into .ebz form Autosaved games during continuous play; fixed a situation in which during a given turn the AI built the same track segment repeatedly; reduces unnecessary AI track rental; improved AI play roughly halves restarts; fixes improper "?" for Game Status Net Worth
  • version 1.6.26: fastest EBP yet; increases map display speed for even smoother scrolling; supports new JaggyDraw map setting; includes current turn's Cash and Net Worth values in Game Status graphs; many small mods for smarter and faster AI play; minor cosmetic changes
  • version 1.6.25: expands AI support for "Verify connectability" variant; fixes missing Pilgrims (India) if master Game Option settings did not employ Pilgrims but match settings did; repairs an uncommon situation in which an AI bot did not pay track rental fee due; no longer re-auto-opens Loads window if user move-clicks mp-by-mp through a big city
  • version 1.6.24: repairs possible incorrect city name font upon startup; fixes possible error message upon copying Pbem settings from a match that had event(s) active; repairs an improper refusal to engage automove to distant ferry port; moving to a port, then building, then erasing build, could disallow further movement via Move More menu (fixed); improved AI movement routing when multiple paths possible, one which which uses a ferry; permits higher-resolution pointer right-click access to dots between mps (where features such as rivers exist)
  • version 1.6.23: new: map bgnd image displayed during map selection; repairs improper error message during Round 1 if Backtracking variant disengaged; fixed so AI bot does not pick up a spec load while Congress event prohibits it (China)
  • version 1.6.22: fixes a failure to restrict builds into small cities immediately after game open if Honeymoon variant enabled; no longer aborts Automove early upon arrival at edge of a big city; adds option to pass up Supply Scandal load pick up in order to deliver (Russia map); minor UI tweaks
  • version 1.6.21: new: the map thumbnail can be relocated to any corner of the full-size map (by dragging it or via Display Settings); new: size of map thumbnail when in corner can be adjusted to your preference; repairs an improper continuance of Sudden Death match if last player lost turn; fixes leftover blink highlights in map thumbnail upon game open; fixes a situation in which AI stops moving if Backtracking variant is not enabled; adds Reshuffle option to Manual card entry; repairs a display of wrong cash character; fixes an improper report of a barrier preventing a build; minor cosmetic changes
  • version 1.6.20: new: Manual Card Entry variant lets you pick the contract/event each player receives; repairs an unlikely-to-occur problem with Pbem copying of Game Options; Game Options window contents reformatted: Computer play checkboxes relocated to Variants column
  • version 1.6.19: new: remembers across sessions location of game-play windows; Game Setup and Options windows now employ user's choice of font; improves multi-monitor operation; restores ability to rearrange onboard loads; upon arrival at a city opens Loads window automatically if a demanded load is in the warehouse; Pbem's Match, Copy Setup feature now also copies the Game Options; minor cosmetic changes
  • version 1.6.18: new: shortage and special demand cities are now indicated on map via color outlining, which helps distinguish them from other events; x-spot loads such as Coal on AOC map could not be picked up from a warehouse; increases length of Pbem banter messages to 140 characters; attempt to warehouse a load in city that supplies it is now logged as "tossed" in history; during low-cash AI might delay building out of a big city when it otherwise could/should have (fixed); after match reload AI would not properly include rail corridor values when deciding builds (fixed); minor cosmetic changes
  • version 1.6.17: fixes a possible AI failure to rebuild event-destroyed track if Sudden Death variant enabled; adds Purchase feature to Help menu
  • version 1.6.16: repairs enhancements in 1.6.15 that had caused the following: bypassed collection of rail use fees when no events active, and improperly disallowed build out from a big city mp adjacent to a build in; adds map blink to selection of city for load delivery commitment (2-player "honeymoon" variant) and extra-contract discard
  • version 1.6.15: allows builds of ferries that connect two big cities; disallows crossing of a border for which the fee exceeds cash available; rail use fee for a ferry is now paid to first owner if user declines choice of whom to pay; speeds player cash animation for large amounts
  • version 1.6.14: fixes missing max move circles after a short automove; corrects possible missing Loads window italic highlight for Onboard Loads demanded at multiple cities; repairs allowance of backtracking after a train did not move even though Backtracking variant was not enabled; fixes AI trouble handling jumbo cities with many hidden mps
  • version 1.6.13: fixes random-city events (events that apply to more than 3 random cities were stopping at 3); supports events that block load pickup or delivery at a city for remainder of match; load pickup or delivery blocked by an event now depicted on map by diagonal line(s) drawn at city mp; fixes events that could improperly impact mps at map top; expands support for ferry events; supports event toggling via Event Expiration; supports EventInvoke map feature; fixes automove that could otherwise move one too far onto water/snow mp
  • version 1.6.12: new: Game Status info now shows number of small and medium cities served by each player; Game Status info now shows distance Automoved by each player; arrow added on map to point to Automove destination; refreshes Game Status window if open while a game is loaded; fixes map blink of wrong city during mouse-over onboard load if demand is from an open contract; assorted mods to Loads window drag-drop (drop loads upon themselves for info); supports new event action: Lose onboard loads listed
  • version 1.6.11: fixes omitted report of loads picked up during Supply Scandal event; fixes an improper report of "Room must be left" during build of a new spur starting at a mp just outside a city; max-move circles can now appear at ports too; may repair repeating automove after blitz match ends
  • version 1.6.10: enlarges map area resize icon so easier to grab and drag
  • version 1.6.9: addresses 64-bit Windows failure to install msinet and mswinsck; copy/remail/nudge now also list games saved in .ebg format
  • version 1.6.8: repairs Web Play failure to communicate match actions between player and GM (broken by ver 1.6.4); hides display of Mix Color window if Web player chooses color already in use
  • version 1.6.7: more gracefully handles quitting a blitz match while it is in progress; repaired "License setup failed 10" message for certain non-US Windows regional settings
  • version 1.6.6: fixes Congress event that might not expire which could cause AI to show Error #9; adjusted so match employing Sudden Death but not Equal Turns ends upon completion of turn of player who draws last available contract; now blocks player from starting train at container ferry in disallowed city (such as China map Taiwan); fixes improper container ferry use if ferry was merely built from rather than across, such as building west from China map Kong Kong container ferry; disallows movement across ferries unconnected by track; minor cosmetic improvements
  • version 1.6.5: fixes Congress event (China map) that was improperly stored in saved games, and then interfered with Open Contracts upon load; disallows ability to deliver and pick up during same turn at Container ferries inside big cities (China map Hong Kong ferry)
  • version 1.6.4: fixes certain improperly disallowed moves and builds if match employs randomized city locations; fixes a Pbem Nudge that could appear to originate from an AI player; assorted tweaks to player reconnect during Web match, such as displaying name of reconnecting player to GM so GM can choose player slot in which to reconnect him; fixes an improper warning by Verify Connectability variant if build-limiting event(s) active; minor cosmetic changes
  • version 1.6.3: fixes map dragging that would engage after use of Personal Message; repairs Ctrl+key usage that would improperly engage map dragging; repairs Honeymoon variant improper disallowed builds of small cities that are ferry ports (Europe, Dublin); removes repeated reminders about min big city connections during Sudden Death variant; fixes reversion to original contracts upon loading saved game with custom contracts with fewer than 3 demands each
  • version 1.6.2: fixes error upon player's choice of an applicable Open Contract or Special Demand for a load delivery; simplifies multiple Pbem players at same computer by not emailing match if from and to email addresses are identical (you can force emailing, if desired, by varying the text case of the email addresses); in Loads window drag/drop load onto Load Activity box for info; fixes a problem in which the Congress event (China map) could be cleared for all players upon the first player fulfilling the event; minor cosmetic changes
  • version 1.6.1: repositions movement distance floater to avoid obscuring milepost; turning off map scrollbars now also removes them from contract display left of map (contracts can be scrolled via dragging); repairs possible delay-of-win if the final player of a round discards contracts; spoken text via Alt key now operates asynchronously; fixes players being permitted on older maps to move through major cities while a Flood event was still in progress

EBP - Version 1.6 - Tablets/Touch

Version 1.6 was first released May 2013; it is a significant update.

  • new: "swipe" color bar for easy undo during moving and building
  • shaded oval symbol at the milepost(s) of your maximum distance simplify train movement: click on one to quickly move all the way there
  • enhanced UI support for tablets / touch interfaces: larger zoom bar, larger touch area accepted for selecting build and movement mps, visual indicators for map drag, and more
  • map scrollable/draggable via click or touch and drag
  • map scrolls/zooms up to twice as fast as before
  • new: Display Setting option to hide map scroll bars (makes map display larger)
  • status report display in Loads window confirms your actions and reduces the number of pop up messages
  • new: browser HTML-style help replaces CHM help system in order to work around Windows Vista/7/8 problems
  • Autozoom now self-adjusts to match your last preferred map zoom level
  • double-click map thumbnail for extra zoom
  • fixes Create File Association failure on Windows Vista/7/8
  • revamped contract drag/drop feature avoids slowness in Windows Vista/7 and trouble in Windows 8
  • "Build to" feature added to map right-click menu
  • in-game help contents updated to match
  • minor cosmetic changes and bug fixes
  • cross-version compatible for Play-by-email with opponents using version 1.5.x
  • upward compatibility with maps and saved games from prior versions

EBP - Versions 1.5.x

The minor revisions below were released subsequent to version 1.5.0. These upgrades were free for those who are registered users of version 1.5.x.

  • version 1.5.27 new: when Autozoom is enabled, if your train arrives at an automove destination off map display, the map is scrolled to it; repairs "non-players only" feature of Contracts window; fixes ignorable error message upon drag/drop load from warehouse; adds Reply-To address to Pbem via SSL; adds movement distance display when UseFee=0; fixed Pbem failure if via file association Windows gives EBP a saved game in 8.3 name format; adds Create File Association feature to File menu
  • version 1.5.26 new: right-click on map dot between mileposts (such as river) tells whether track there is subject to destruction via non-random event; Event Info window's Pending button now displays number of Events yet to occur; trial modification to Loads window in response to report wrong loads displayed for derailment load loss during network multi-player matches; removes improper error report if a delivery made after contracts exhausted under Sudden Death variant; fixes Pbem Banter Box message attributed to wrong player; fixes failed dragging of contracts upon start/load of match; tweak to AI to improve trip selection when track disconnected; fixes trouble generating a set of random contracts with 2 demands per contract; Pbem Event Review now separately illustrates on map each event's impact
  • version 1.5.25 fixes overpriced build thru teleports; fixes failure to display player's automove distance upon match load
  • version 1.5.24 new: double-clicking a contract number in Game History displays that contract; teleport handling improved; corrects AI build of disconnected track if build costs $0; fixes AI placing train in unserved city after event removed train; fixes failure of bridges to be destroyed by flood events on certain maps (Russia); fixes a problem loading a saved game playing on a different map if during that process the user saves the current game
  • version 1.5.23 adds SSL support for Play-by-email (enable checkbox in Display Settings window); Alt+click Map Details to read text aloud
  • version 1.5.22 fixes Special Demands not showing demands or handling delivery (broken by 1.5.20); now treats MPs inside a big city as if at city edge if those MPs are adjacent to non-city MPs
  • version 1.5.21 fixes autobuild errors during message display; fixes certain problems associated with quantity of big city build-outs per turn; changes Verify Connectability feature to allow a build by player A that blocks city access by player B if that build grants player A his only access to the city; saves Verify Connectability setting across sessions; adds Help button to certain message windows; fixes AI player not moving or building (broken ver 1.5.20)
  • version 1.5.20 new: a variant option lets you override a map's custom engines with the standard ones; the Randomize Contracts feature now lets you choose the number of demands per contract (1 to 6); via Game Options you can choose the max number of big city build-outs per turn; clicking a saved game normally invokes new instance of EBP, however now if a running instance has either a Pbem match loaded, or no changes since last save, EBP will load the Pbem match into the running instance; supports Empire Express map, Expanded Rules (screen shot); fixes non-execution of events that impacted elements between mileposts, such as rivers, which did not destroy track; repairs an Autobuild problem that would build same route twice; fixes non-save of Autobuild variant setting; attempted fix of sporadic advancement of a next player's turn (rather than own turn) during Web match; fixes autobuild that could build out of big cities more than permitted during a single turn
  • version 1.5.19 new: contract box can be scrolled via click/touch between a player's load circles and top contract then dragging; fixes improper use of italics for multiple player names after a win when Sudden Death and Equal Turns variants used together; fixes Replay feature assorted display problems; fixes a false instance of "A restriction prevents you from building that track segment" message; fixes a false instance of "you've attempted to move farther than allowed" message; repairs an "Error 9 in mp2mpbuild144" problem
  • version 1.5.18 adds players' avg build cost per track segment to Game Status, Max Info; minor AI tweaks; fixed 1.15.17 change that blocked two players from building to Moon map's Peary; fixes inability to count event distance from big cities lacking visible center milepost; minor cosmetic changes
  • version 1.5.17 numerous improvements to AI start- and end-game play; adjusted AI to discard contracts and restart less often; fixes Pbem Event review showing wrong player in certain situations; events that disallow track building at a milepost now also disallow builds out from that milepost (previously only builds in were disallowed); teleports now allow only one player to build to each; fixes AI that might start a train in Taiwan while Congress event active (China map); players' Congress card no longer hidden upon game load (China map); fixed incorrect AI stat total by skill level when running multiple EBP instances
  • version 1.5.16 new: mouse wheel over contract city or player name zooms to that location; fixes custom cashchar setting that was not being observed; tiny adjustment so AI will upgrade engine sooner in some situations; File, Edit Map offers to download free-trial of map editor; minor cosmetic changes
  • version 1.5.15 fixes Pbem "Match, Copy setup" feature; minor cosmetic changes
  • version 1.5.14 fixes inability to open or save games with very short names (1 or 2 characters)
  • version 1.5.13 fixes Shortage bonus that would not be awarded if delivery was via Open Contract; minor cosmetic changes
  • version 1.5.12 new: upon a contract left click and hold between demand city and load icons to blink info about remaining demands; that info also now available in Loads window by clicking on a load and releasing it without dragging; use of Game, Start while match in progress now clears the match to avoid leftover data should new game be cancelled; fixes minor display problem with mouse-over xspot type loads on contracts (Coal on AOC map); fixes autobuild of wandering track; repairs an event handling problem that could cause EBPHP to hang; AI stat collection of multiple continuous-play EBP instances was not properly summing stats by AI type but is now fixed; tweaks to AI play; minor cosmetic changes
  • version 1.5.11 fixes events that would not expire on Web players' computer (introduced ver 1.5.9); fixes players' Event Hit counter not incrementing for certain events involving movement loss
  • version 1.5.10 fixes an inability to set automove to cities that are ferry ports (such as Belfast on EUR map); fixes leftover data if a different map is loaded while a game is in memory; fixes descriptions missing from mouse-over Cash and Net Worth graphs for non-Pbem matches; restores Ibeam style mouse pointer during build (introduced ver 1.5.5); fixes during 2-player variant option, when building into a small city required a demand be referenced/locked, EBP was listing more than the player's contracts, such as Special Demands; adds prompt to save current match when Pbem Remail and Nudge features used; minor cosmetic changes
  • version 1.5.9 EBP now checks for a win declare only at end of a player's turn (Mayfair's preference); fixes under certain conditions EBP awarding victory and ending the match even though a cash tie meant play should continue; fixes choosing Cancel at "Save current game first?" prompt could leave wrong map loaded; fixed events drawn back-to-back that reference a contract to determine event location referencing the same contract (Moon and Mars maps); changed player rank/place determination to the method used by WBC GameMaster Bob Stribula; tweaks to AI to reduce its contract discarding; fixes "error in Act5000" upon dealing contract during Web match (introduced ver 1.5.8); minor cosmetic changes
  • version 1.5.8 new: Online (cloud) saved game storage option (via FTP); fixes certain display problems after contract drag/drop; improves layout of Web play window; player net worth and cash graphs now also plot average (as dotted line); hover or click player line on net worth and cash graphs to learn reason for change; fixed Event Info's Map Pending button; repaired Error 9 upon Supply Scandal event (Russia map); repaired Event Info that listed pending events as expired after Revolution event; smoothed operation of zoom and scroll bars when map bgnd animation enabled; can open an .ebz saved game URL link; Special Demands and Open Contracts activated within the past round are now highlighted; fixed interruption of Replay by Supply Scandal event
  • version 1.5.7 patches large fonts and other display problems under certain Windows International (non-US) Regional settings
  • version 1.5.6 fixes a problem in which, though remaining connected during Web/network play, after several rounds the match could become unresponsive on a player's computer; Autobuild can be turned off via Game Options, Variants; additional improvements to support touch-style device interfaces; Alt+mouse-over certain text will read it aloud via the Text-to-speech engine of Windows; Text-to-speech can be enabled to read aloud player messages during Web/network matches; fixes a distance measure that was off by 1 mp when departing a city at a teleport, such as Peary on the Moon map
  • version 1.5.5 new: support for touch-style device (tablet) interfaces, such as double-tap/click map to zoom/unzoom, and touch+drag on map thumbnail; fixes improper warning shown during very low cash upon attempt to move across a teleport (Moon map); enhancements to Autobuild (can be used at match start)
  • version 1.5.4 new: Board Game Assistant - click to find cities and loads; event color now displays in player contract box to show strikes, load losses, lost turns and train stoppages; AI was not properly evaluating spec loads with Light Trains +3 variant; tweaks to AI trip planning; Pbem Nudge now lists player turn order; fixed failure to reload match after Replay; map right-click milepost info now includes names of players with track that serves; loan amounts (Borrowing variant) now secret prior to tax event; fixes missing trains during Replay; repaired a situation in which Automove might ride opponent's track
  • version 1.5.3 new: lets you specify variance in payoffs when generating Random Contracts; E button is now hidden if match has events turned off; at your option, EBP can now uncompress ZIP file maps (from Load Map window); fixed failure to refund loan upon movement undo; fixed and improved xspot load count display and blink (such as for Coal on ebAOC map); clears certain additional info upon Pbem cancel; fixes display of excess contract after discarding down to 3 contracts if match started with 5 or more contracts per player
  • version 1.5.2 fixes improper number of players during Replay
  • version 1.5.1 patches a problem with train movement by a human player

EBP - Version 1.5 - UI

Version 1.5 was first released November 2011; it is a significant update.

  • now supports Nippon Rails v2 map, the boxed edition (screen shot)
  • Game Replay: plays back a match as a movie so you can watch it unfold turn-by-turn (not available for blitz mode)
  • Print Map: prints the current game map display, including players' rail networks, to document your match (sample 6m PDF)
  • in the Suggest Plan window, Ctrl+click on a delivery to flag it on your corresponding contract
  • AI bot turns are now 30% faster (while map window not minimized)
  • Event and Show Bgnd checkboxes relocated to Show pull-down menu - leaving more room for contract display
  • new Event: Subsidy - awards bonus to each player upon certain load deliveries
  • new Option: Verify connectability - EBP can check that any player can connect all big cities
  • context-sensitive in-game help available from more locations
  • minor cosmetic changes and bug fixes
  • upward compatibility with maps and saved games from prior versions

EBP - Versions 1.4.x

The minor revisions below were released subsequent to version 1.4.0.

  • Version 1.4.18 fixes: changing certain Game Options such as build price at start of match would not be reflected in match; mouse-over map city popup repositioned so does not extend off bottom of window; clicking on Load name in Game Status window could produce an error; AI did not respect per-turn quantity limits on builds to Free and Jungle mps; a build to a Free mp that incurs costs from rivers, lakes, etc. is now counted against per-turn limits
  • Version 1.4.17 fixes: human could move further than proper if had used Undo move after engaging Automove; if Show Events disengaged, track of player on strike is no longer depicted in event color; minor display changes
  • Version 1.4.16 fixes: Pbem victory notice (had been broken by version 1.4.15); with the borrowing variant, if a player owed an odd-number amount, EBP would permit him to borrow $1 more than it should have; improved AI play when UseFee track rental (normally $4) customized to $0; repaired an instance in which an AI bot could become stuck though it had a legal move
  • Version 1.4.15 adds: if a load is temporarily unavailable (for example, all are in use) the city blinking triggered by a mouse-over is now less bold; Shift+mouse-over map city shows demands remaining; locomotive count now displayed when fewer of a given type are available than number of players; Pbem victory sent to all players via single email (facilitates emailing all about a rematch); supports relative sizing of map label text; fixes: Pbem match start might fail if "Match, Copy setup" feature used to play on a different map; during Pbem, Event Review could go missing for the player immediately after a remail; minor cosmetic changes
  • Version 1.4.14 fixes: Events that reference random cities did not show city name(s) during Pbem Event Review; during Web/network play, multiple events immediately after each other might not be handled correctly on non-GM's computer; xspots nearest big cities might malfunction; xspot loads that could be stolen were not showing their icon on the map
  • Version 1.4.13 fixes: during Web play events drawn by non-GM players that reference random cities (for example, Moon map Meteor Showers) would fail to pick the random cities on that player's computer; minor cosmetic changes
  • Version 1.4.12 adds manual Create Windows Shortcut feature to File menu; adds Help unblock notices; fixes failure to use bgnd and multimedia shared across maps; fixes problems with live Web play lost turns and warehousing; fixes AI overbuild past teleport; minor cosmetic changes
  • Version 1.4.11 works around a Windows winsock quirk that was causing slow Web matches with more than 2 players; New: automatic player reconnect for Web matches with unreliable hardware connection quality (mostly wireless networks); Automove Express feature keeps your automove enabled through events that do not impact you (handy for Pbem); mouse-over player contract to see round number it was drawn; cash and net worth graphs now plot negative values too (loans); fixes Avatar checkbox from re-enabling itself; stops map font from also changing when user only picks new Info boxes font
  • Version 1.4.10 new: player color shown via bar next to Game History box; Corridor Avg displayed in Stats; Circus demands can now blink; remembers across sessions map Thumbnail being hidden; fixes double charging of build cost for non-free teleports; repairs Open Contracts missing from Contracts window; fixes Shift key display during mouse-over Warehouse
  • Version 1.4.9 new: Shift+mouseover contracts blinks remaining demands at city or for load; Shift+click in Select window blinks load supply cities; fixes improper number of big cities required for victory if Load Alt Map feature used in Game Setup window; fixes AI inability to build through single-port teleports (such as D wrap MPs on Mars map); fixes barriers that were improperly blocking builds and moves; automatically avoids duplicate Pbem match name upon Copy setup
  • Version 1.4.8 adds display of number of active Open Contracts (below E button); new in Loads window: mouseover frame caption to blink city, Shift+mouseover loads to blink their remaining demand cities; allows automoving to opposite ferry port; fixes Repelatron Ramp event of Mars map
  • Version 1.4.7 adds player color wash to bgnds; improves AI's shortcut building and spec load selecting; fixes Russia Scandal event if drawn upon restart; fixes miscount of movement distance through a water/snow mp
  • Version 1.4.6 now displays player names for Pbem Nudge, Remail and Copy Setup features; fixes two display problems with avatar images (missing from display upon match load, and copying during Pbem Remail); adds trial repair for Web match ending prematurely if GM is final player of round
  • Version 1.4.5 improves AI play; fixes Pbem icon appearing in wrong corner upon match load; shows EBP version number upon match load; during Pbem, delivery locks (2-player variant) are now visible to opponent (info is public)
  • Version 1.4.4 works around a Windows quirk that would yield "error 13" when choosing the "Human, Pbem" type in the Game Setup window
  • Version 1.4.3 fixes a "Cannot find a supplier" message when the Circus and Random Map used together; fixes an error in findbest when Honeymoon and Open Contracts variants used together; fixes very slow AI play when Honeymoon and Open Contracts variants used together
  • Version 1.4.2 automatically notifies participants of the start of a Pbem match; adds "Copy setup" feature to ease Pbem rematches; fixes problem with Pbem Remail during switchback start round; fixes a problem with the Suggest Plan feature if it was used at end of a human's turn; at match start, before you build any track, right click on any milepost and choose Information to learn estimated build cost from every big city
  • Version 1.4.1 adds player avatar images; supports opening of games stored on the Web; adds a new display when victory comes in fewer rounds than the expected average; fixes a bug that could allow a player to build more segments than allowed from/to a city; fixes improperly disallowed load delivery and pick up at a container port

EBP - Version 1.4 - PBeM

Version 1.4 was first released April 2010; it is a significant update. Here is some of what's new:

  • now supports Agent of Change map, also known as West Virginia Rails (screen shot)
  • Play by Email with event review, banter box, and nudge features
  • thumbnail "mini-map" with draggable viewport for easier zooming and city/load locating, seen at bottom of this screen shot
  • new variant option: discard one contract per turn
  • rearrange your contracts via drag and drop
  • watch and flag Open Contracts and Special Demands in your contract area
  • each player's most recent train movement now shown on map via a "comet tail"
  • "cards remaining in deck" color bar added at the bottom right corner of the map; mouse-over it for the exact number
  • a sound effect provides feedback when you autobuild
  • right click upon a city, and choose a load name to blink all its supply cities
  • mouse-over a player's name in the cash box blinks his train's location on the map(s)
  • Private Message feature
  • add your comments to the game history box
  • improved international compatibility
  • EBP positions its windows so as to avoid a Windows toolbar located on the side of the display
  • the default map colors for city, river, coastline, green border and highlight have all been tinted slightly darker so as to be different from all available default player colors
  • new terrain type: xspot - generates loads when built to
  • new variant option: Xspot novice disallows xspot load stealing
  • assorted minor bug fixes and cosmetic changes
  • upward compatibility with maps and saved games from prior versions
Detailed EBP features list

EBP - Versions 1.3.x

The minor revisions below were released subsequent to version 1.3.0.

  • Version 1.3.10 patches a possible "findbest" error when Open Contracts and the Honeymoon 2-player options were enabled in the same match; fixes carryover of Special Demands and/or Open Contracts upon starting a subsequent match
  • Version 1.3.9 repairs incorrect train speed upon saved game load if fast trains variant in use; makes mileposts inside big cities the big city color; attempts to fix claimed problem of AI delivering for an open contract that had previously been fulfilled by human player (unverified since no test case available); fixes bad open contract info in saved game; upon delivery of open contract lists in game history the contract number (instead of "0")
  • Version 1.3.8 fixes uncommon situation in which AI would not move or build for rest of match; boosts AI speed by about 10%
  • Version 1.3.7 allows movement and builds to end at a teleport/wrap mp if that mp is a city; clears cheat flag upon start of new match; improves AI track building during event
  • Version 1.3.6 fixes rare AI build of segment prohibited by event; improves AI knowledge of end-game reconnect network for win
  • Version 1.3.5 adds support for Martian Rails including spoked cities and new events; displays in menu the cost of locomotive upgrades; adds feature to Contracts window to show only Special Demands and Open Contracts; makes minor cosmetic changes and other small improvements
  • Version 1.3.4 fixes AI pitching cards excessively upon Congress event (China map); fixes mouse-over Special Demand or Open Contracts city blinking wrong city.
  • Version 1.3.3 repairs player cash level display in history box upon a delivery (broken by 1.3.2).
  • Version 1.3.2 patches a problem with repayment of loans for the Borrowing variant; fixes a Web match problem in which upon undo of a track build, all track of that player would disppear on the remote opponent's display; fixes a problem in which the Loads window might not display a Warehoused load if that load was delivered by an opponent during a Blitz match; track rental receipts are now first applied toward repaying loans; adds player Turns to Game Status display
  • Version 1.3.1 fixes a "Subscript out of range error" possible during Special Demands (Russia map) or the Open Contracts variant

EBP - Version 1.3 - EB Pronto

Version 1.3 was first released June 2009; it is a significant update. Here is some of what's new:

  • As part of a licensing agreement with Mayfair Games, EB Player is now Empire Builder Pronto™. screen shot
  • In Blitz Play mode there's no waiting for an opponent: all players keep taking turns simultaneously until someone wins. This new option is a fast and fun challenge for experienced players: complete an entire match with up to 6 human players in about 15 minutes. Blitz works vs. both AI and Web opponents.
  • your train symbol gently blinks when it is the operation phase of your turn
  • small popups remind you how far you can move as well as when it is the build phase of your turn
  • support for the Fast Trains variant has been added
  • support for the Open Contracts variant has been added
  • support for the Light Trains variant has been added (+1, +2 or +3 movement per turn per empty onboard load slot)
  • choose from a variety of load icon sets; board-game-style icon sets are available for several maps as free bonus with a paid EBP upgrade thanks in part to a licensing deal with Mayfair Games
  • when you flag demands on your contracts (the RR crossing sign), EBP now displays the same symbol in the Loads window to act as a reminder
  • You can adjust independently the size of the text in the separate Contracts window. This helps you better fit the window within your screen's dimensions.
  • EBP can employ the multiple processors of multi-core computers to more rapidly gather statistics in AI Continuous Play matches.
  • EBP now automatically switches to the EBP.CHM help file if you are running Windows Vista. If you prefer the EBP.HLP file, delete or rename EBP.CHM, and add the WinHelp driver to Vista; you can download that driver from Microsoft.
  • upon a single click on a saved game's file name, the File, Open Game window displays basic information about that saved game before you actually open it
  • the File window's Sort by Date checkbox setting is preserved across sessions
  • the registration bonus map is now EB7 rather than EB5; EB7 corresponds to the seventh edition of the Empire Builder board game; those who register EBP 1.3, including prior users, are entitled to a free copy of the EB7 map
  • minor cosmetic changes and problem fixes
  • works with the new Eurorails map
  • continued upward compatibility with saved games and maps of prior versions (EB Player)

EBP - Versions 1.2.x

The minor revisions below were released subsequent to version 1.2.0.

  • Version 1.2.5 repairs several minor problems: install of Windows Shortcuts was failing; install and game save into directories with spaces in name is now allowed; Web disconnect/reconnect was malfunctioning; undo build could fail after game reload; automove to a milepost was not working properly; OK (done) button might not be active upon game reload; AI could build in excess of turn limit; AI might pick up more than one Pilgrim (India map)
  • Version 1.2.4 improves AI play skill and speed, includes new "gang-up-on-leader"; fixes Supply Scandal event when train is outside a city (Russia map); AI had malfunctioned if Congress event (China map) occurred during a restart; other minor fixes and cosmetic items
  • Version 1.2.3 repairs: Shortage events did not expire; starting engine choice was not saved between uses; Goto feature failed for a city identically named with a load (example: Cork); AI could get stuck and not move if destination was across a ferry served only by opponents; randomizing city locations on China map could lead to AI starting engine in Taiwan
  • Version 1.2.2 new: mouse-over onboard loads in Loads window shows source and demand cities; autobuild now engages automatically and suggests a build if you already have track, have not build this turn and click on a mp more than 1 mp distant; fixes: a problem undoing engine upgrades; problems moving a train on a map with randomized city locations; automove which could have rented an opponent's track; an AI build zig-zag build problem; missing load text names if load icon graphics file unavailable; problem building out of big city if also built in same turn
  • Version 1.2.1 patches a problem delivering Congress load (China map); repairs a possible hang upon an attempt to load map that does not exist; fixes the AI delivering a load even though previous load delivery triggered loss of a turn

EBP - Version 1.2 - Maps

Version 1.2 was first released November 2008; it is a significant update. Here is some of what's new:

  • use the new Turn, Suggest Plan menu to learn what the AI would do in your situation
  • you can trace backward with the mouse to undo a track build
  • Container ports / links / ferries are supported, such as those on the new China map
  • the Game, Contracts menu opens a separate window showing all contracts of all players; most useful for those with widescreen or dual monitors, screen shot
  • new Find City and Find Loads features on the Information menu ease those tasks
  • Turn, Go To menu offers another way to engage automove
  • Automove is automatically disenaged upon any event, but can be quickly reengaged
  • Borrowing/Loans variant is supported; players must pay back twice the amount they borrow
  • For a complete change of pace, the Map randomization feature randomizes the locations of cities; it's like playing a totally different map.
  • AI has been enhanced for improved play
  • assorted user-interface improvements and new features
  • upward compatibility with all your maps and saved games
  • works with new Great Britain and Australia maps

EBP - Versions 1.1.x

The minor revisions below were released subsequent to version 1.1.0.

  • Version 1.1.9 improves: registration information when running under Vista
  • Version 1.1.8 repairs: AI might do an illegal build if it restarted while the map window was minimized; if the WinMust city is a big city, EBP didn't count it toward satisfying the min connected big city requirement (was impacting the ebAUS map); under rare circumstances, EBP would try to create a Random Contract containing a Circus demand; minor tweak to AI pitching its contracts
  • Version 1.1.7 fixes: under certain circumstances, EBP would award victory to a player who had fewer than the minimum number of big cities connected with track; AI was building branch track at Moon map's teleports
  • Version 1.1.6 repairs: a human player was improperly restricted from building out of city B immediately after building into a city A that did not allow further build outs; the length of a train move starting at a teleport was sometimes not totaled correctly; "ferry movement = cost/2" variation was sometimes not calculated properly; a Divide by Zero error could occur after an AI pitched contracts outside a city; event problem on ebMOO map repaired (request a free update if you purchased the map before July 23, 2007)
  • Version 1.1.5 fixes a problem introduced in 1.1.4 that caused the AI to pitch contracts too frequency; fixed random demand generation that could result in a load payoff of $0
  • Version 1.1.4 fixes: custom Tax events expressed as a % of cash were overtaxing; Pilgrims were being put on Random Contracts; the randomized event city (Meteor Shower) was not being handled correctly; the "MP: NOT above" event impact was defective (used by Moon map's Lava Flows)
  • Version 1.1.3 works around a Vista problem
  • Version 1.1.2 enhances warehousing features: EBP displays a small box around the city milepost when a load is warehoused there, mouse-over the city displays the round during which the warehoused load expires (or w for permanent warehousing), in Warehousing Turns field enter -1 to force tossed loads to be warehoused per honeymoon rules, and an AI warehousing problem has been fixed
  • Version 1.1.1 patches two minor install-related problems.

EBP - Version 1.1 - AI

Version 1.1 was first released June 2007; it is a significant update. Here is some of what's new:

  • AI's smarts significantly improved, now more challenging and wins in fewer rounds on average.
  • Locomotive appearance changes as you upgrade. Locomotive speed, capacity and upgrade paths can be extensively customized by the map designer. Used by the new Moon map.
  • For an audible notice of when it is your turn, use the My-turn sound checkbox in the Options window. Very useful during Web matches.
  • The mouse wheel zooms in and out of the map. You can choose the zoom direction, or turn the feature off entirely.
  • The game can be started with from 3 to 6 contracts for each player.
  • The Game Status window, Max info displays the total amount of turn time spent by each player. Now you can find out who in your group plays the fastest.
  • New event: Special Demand, works like Shortage except no corresponding demand contract is needed to make the delivery. Appears on new Russia map.
  • Alternate events: an event can invoke a different event instead after a prior event has enabled such (useful to simulate dual-event cards). Used by Russia map.
  • New event: Meteor Showers, with randomized impact locations. Used by Moon map.
  • Pilgrims can be transported from one area to a big city in another, and dropped off for payment even though there is no specific contract demand for them. Appears on the new India map.
  • The Random Contract feature now lets you specify the distance and build cost multipliers that EBP uses to compute the payoffs.
  • Increased Windows Vista cooperation.
  • EBP's help is available in an HTML-style format, Windows .CHM file.
  • Assorted minor bugs have been repaired, and user interface items improved.
  • Upward compatibility with saved games and maps from prior version.
  • Three new maps: Russia, India and The Moon are available for purchase (require version 1.1.x).

EBP - Versions 1.0.x

The minor revisions below were released subsequent to version 1.0.0.

  • Version 1.0.11 was first released April 2007; it is a minor update to fix the following: web matches with 3 or more players could have communication problems. Note: if your present version is 1.0.9 or earlier, EBP's automatic upgrade feature may not work; you can download the update from the links at the top of this page.
  • Version 1.0.10 was first released January 2007; it is a minor update to address the following: ferry build costs were not being charged properly if you had previously built to the ferry, or for non-standard ferries such as the one on the Australia map. Registration problems occurring on some computers have been fixed. AI upon game start is about twice as fast at planning its initial trips; the difference is most noticeable when using the 4-card start variant. AI could get stuck and not move if it needed to use opponent track due to having insufficient cash to build. Similar load names could confuse the "blink cities that supply that load" feature.
  • Version 1.0.9 was first released November 2006; it is a minor update to address the following: the Border Closing event was not displaying properly. Event building restrictions within regions were not being handled properly. Build cost in certain locations from ferry ports was not always being totaled correctly. Loads could not be tossed or warehoused during a strike.
  • Version 1.0.8 was first released November 2006; it is a minor update to address the following: events that impacted more than one Region were not being properly handled. Certain events that caused loss of building but no loss of turn would never get cleared for the AI, and would prevent the AI from building for the remainder of the match. NEW: Great Britain map released; SuperExpress package incorporates the new map at a new price.
  • Version 1.0.7 was first released September 2006; it is a minor update to address the following: an undocumented change in Microsoft's compiler could result in EBP 1.0.6 terminating with Error 5 if an Event was dealt when the map was zoomed or scrolled. Same error might also occur sometimes when placing a train during the match's beginning. Also modified the icon display size to better handle game maps currently in development.
  • Version 1.0.6 was first released September 2006; it is a minor update to address the following: rewrote tie handling in response to unconfirmed report that EBP might repeatedly advance the winning cash level. New feature: arrow keys can be used to scroll the map when the map has the focus (clicking on the map or its scroll bars gives it the focus).
  • Version 1.0.5 was first released September 2006; it is a minor update to repair the following problems: EBP would improperly allow a train to reverse direction after a player used Undo Turn; EBP allowed reversing direction at teleports; players would not get proper amount of remaining movement if they were hit by a half-rate event after they had already moved some; if the final player of a round won, the map window could become unresponsive to the mouse if a new game was started immediately; if the final player of a round won, and the equal turns rules was in use, EBP would not wait until the end of the round to log the victory; if the human clicked OK for no building, it was possible EBP would instead build track with which the last AI had been experimenting; an improper best trip calculation by the AI led to excess AI restarts (restart rate now reduced 90%); if a long trip crossed a ferry, EBP did not ask if you wanted to engage automove.
  • Version 1.0.4 was first released August 2006; it is a minor update that repairs a problem in online matches that could sometimes cause remote players to not be informed of the GM winning the match.
  • Version 1.0.3 was first released August 2006; it is a minor update that fixes a few infrequently encountered problems. Ultrafreight upgrade was being priced at $0. Elapsed game time was incorrectly displayed if autosave was enabled. During a Web match, if the network connection was slow, EBP could lose track of every 512th message passed between computers, and that could hang the GMs computer. The fix for this Web match problem involved a change to how EBP communicates during a game, and that means BOTH the GM and player must upgrade (earlier versions will not properly handle the new way the 512th message is being communicated).
  • Version 1.0.2 was first released August 2006; it is a minor update that fixes several problems in online games, including trouble with the 4-contract start variant, transfer of custom game options to remote players, and restarting of a new match after completion of another. Under some circumstances, a modified WinCash setting would not be applied for both online and local matches.
  • Version 1.0.1 was first released July 2006; it is a minor update that fixes several problems (such as Error 400) with Event handling in online games. Some other minor cosmetic changes too.

We recommend the automated upgrade. If you prefer to upgrade manually, download EBPEUP.ZIP and unzip it to replace your prior version. NOTE: this download contains only the files that have changed since 1.7.x. If you need a complete copy, download EBPEDIT.ZIP instead.

EBPEdit - Version 1.7

Version 1.7 was first released May 2017. Here is some of what's new:

  • new "Excess" event, the opposite of Shortage, can reduce prices for deliveries
  • "Lose 1/2/all contracts" are new event effects
  • "Lose onboard loads listed, no pickups" event effect
  • "Engine wrecked, revert to previous model" event effect causes player(s) to step back to a locomotive that is slower and/or with less load carrying capability
  • add player interaction via "Take a load" which permits player(s) to "steal" a load from the train of an opponent of their choice
  • ability to limit events to "only if" a player is or is not discarding contracts
  • create balance by limiting events to drawing player, non-drawing players, or top-ranked player
  • Star Effects allows unique events at star mileposts, such as "stop at red signal"
  • faster display and printing
  • facilitates the sharing (use) of another map's load icons
  • support via the load icons file for custom locomotive images
  • better alignment of icons on printed game maps/boards
  • adds a new Help system that displays help topics without the need for a browser
  • the new Help offers topic-spanning text search and keyword list features
  • the new Help can appear as your choice of separate app (rgfhelp.exe), intergrated within EBPEdit, or via browser
  • in-game help contents updated
  • minor cosmetic changes
  • version 1.7.1: adds ability to Rotate map 90 degrees; Move feature now also adjusts Drawing Group mileposts; press Ctrl-plus / Ctrl-minus to increase / decrease editor font size; fixes mileposts inside oval cities that were being treated as if they were city edge mileposts; corrects display of oval cities that use star style
  • version 1.7.2: fixes failure to apply Event to independently chosen terrain selections; corrected several problems printing Event cards
  • version 1.7.3: adds ability to choose name of Pilgrim-type load; adds "Not in desert" to event movement options; for use during play both require EBP version 1.7.13 or newer
  • version 1.7.4: adds "Subsidy" to possible events; fixes editor confusing StarEffect and PbemCorner settings
  • version 1.7.5: improvements in support of international compatibility; minor performance tweaks
  • version 1.7.6: adds Find feature to internal help
  • version 1.7.7: adds "not at opponent track" movement event effect; improves error trapping at data entry windows

EBPEdit - Version 1.6

Version 1.6 was first released May 2013; it is a moderate update. Here is some of what's new:

  • enhanced UI support for tablets / touch interfaces: larger zoom bar, visual indicators for map drag, and more
  • new: browser HTML-style help replaces CHM help system in order to work around Windows Vista/7/8 problems
  • Help button added to most editing windows
  • double-click map thumbnail for extra zoom
  • map scrolls/zooms up to twice as fast as before
  • minor cosmetic changes and bug fixes
  • upward compatibility with maps from prior versions
  • version 1.6.1 makes display of flood event in major cities consistent with that of EBP
  • version 1.6.2 adds support for "Lose onboard loads listed" event effect; fixes events that could improperly impact mps at map top; expands support for ferry events; adds Event Expiration feature that can end an active event (facilitates events that toggle on/off during the match)
  • version 1.6.3 fixes missing icons; adds EventInvoke feature that activates one event at the start of a match; now word-wraps long headline text on Event cards
  • version 1.6.4 improves multi-monitor operation
  • version 1.6.5 supports JaggyDraw setting that gives individual control over resolution of drawings (rivers, borders, etc.)
  • version 1.6.6 adds ability to choose top or bottom "City on demand" event impact
  • version 1.6.7 adds ability to set max number of users at teleports (requires EBP 1.6.29 or newer)
  • version 1.6.8 repairs FreeMax / JungleMax settings being confused
  • version 1.6.9 supports Paypal online ordering
  • version 1.6.10 adjusts registration process
  • version 1.6.11 reports missing bgnd image; fixes poor coordination between bgnd image and reverse color; various speed improvements; minor cosmetic changes

EBPEdit - Version 1.5

Version 1.5 was first released November 2011; it is a significant update. Here is some of what's new:

  • now supports Nippon Rails v2 map, the boxed edition
  • now supports Empire Express, Expanded Rules
  • new Event: Subsidy - awards bonus to each player upon certain load deliveries
  • minor cosmetic changes and bug fixes
  • updated help
  • upward compatibility with maps from prior versions
  • Version 1.5.1 enhances interface to support touch-based devices
  • Version 1.5.2 smooths operation of zoom and scroll bars when map bgnd animation enabled
  • Version 1.5.3 fixes xspot mileposts that were not printing onto paper
  • Version 1.5.4 further improves zooming and scrolling; improves compatibility with non-US Windows numeric settings; minor cosmetic changes
  • Version 1.5.5 new: print Load Mat for a map
  • Version 1.5.6 repaired problem accessing help in CHM format
  • Version 1.5.7 new: label text can be rotated; label display font size adjusted to match that in EBP; supports contracts containing 1 to 6 demands each
  • Version 1.5.8 fixes menu choice of Forest (so it doesn't create Ferry); added Reset to Default button to Locomotive editing window
  • Version 1.5.9 repairs several problems associated with teleports; improves payoff calculations; corrects Demand window Sugg and Route buttons which had been referencing wrong city (broken by ver 1.5.7)

EBPEdit - Versions 1.4.x

Version 1.4 was first released April 2010; it is a significant update.

  • now supports Agent of Change map, also known as West Virginia Rails
  • thumbnail "mini-map" with viewport for easier zooming and city/load locating
  • supports custom images of each locomotive type for display during game play
  • improved international compatibility
  • new terrain type: xspot - generates loads when built to
  • a Winmust build location can be defined via a Drawing Group
  • assorted minor bug fixes and cosmetic changes
  • Version 1.4.1 fixes inability to create a swamp milepost
  • Version 1.4.2 adds TrackStyle option (edit in Prices window, set to 0 for player track to be plain lines)
  • Version 1.4.3 adds relative sizing of map label text (requires EBP 1.4.15 or newer); supports display and printing of high-res (non-smoothed) river, lake and coastlines; fixes xspots nearest big cities that might not be handled correctly, as on Canada map

EBPEdit - Versions 1.3.x

Version 1.3 was first released June 2009; it is a significant update.

  • Version 1.3.5 adds support for Martian Rails features, including spoked cities and new events; label text can now be right justified; sounds effects can be played upon the occurrence of events; improves map printing of load icons; fixes possible hang upon starting a new map
  • individual mileposts can now be excluded from a Drawing Group; this allows you to further fine tune the mileposts affected by events
  • TunnelBuildMin and TunnelMoveMin set the minimum engine type a player is required to own before being allowed to build or move to tunnel mileposts. Set these via the Prices window.
  • EBPEdit now automatically switches to the EBPEdit.CHM help file if you are running Windows Vista. If you prefer the EBPEDIT.HLP file, delete or rename EBPEDIT.CHM, and add the WinHelp driver to Vista; you can download that driver from Microsoft.
  • Those who register the new versions of both EBP and the EBP Map Editor can obtain upon request a free copy of EBPHP, our high performance version of EBP that is intended for testing maps via Continuous Play. Depending on your computer, it can operate about twice as fast as standard EBP. On one of our test computers EBPHP completes over 100,000 AI player-matches per day.
  • minor cosmetic changes and problem fixes
  • continued upward compatibility with maps of prior versions (EB Player)

EBPEdit - Version 1.2

Version 1.2 was first released November 2008; it is a significant update. The fee to upgrade from version 1.0.x or 1.1.x is $15. Here is some of what's new:

  • Container ports and ferries
  • Building out can be allowed from small and medium cities
  • Players can be restricted from starting their trains in certain cities
  • New events: Congress and Celebration
  • assorted new event effects, such as no load pickup in cities you choose
  • Drawing Groups can automatically gather mileposts of a type you choose
  • upward compatibility with all your existing maps

EBPEdit - Versions 1.1.x

After version 1.1, we've released several minor revisions as described below. These revisions are downloadable free by registered users of version 1.1.x.

  • Version 1.1.10 repairs trouble saving a map (mostly maps with large areas of normal MPs)
  • Version 1.1.9 fixes a possible crash upon starting the program (was due to the mouse wheel)
  • Version 1.1.8 works around a problem upon loading a map that employs a font not available on the computer
  • Version 1.1.7 fixes a distance calculation error that could impact payoffs.
  • Version 1.1.6 fixes a payoff calculation error where ferry ports are cities.
  • Version 1.1.5 fixes Demand window Sugg and Routes buttons, which could return errors or wrong values
  • Version 1.1.4 adds MP:port selection for Events (needed by Moon map)
  • Version 1.1.3 fixes Random Demand generation that could result in $0 payoffs.
  • Version 1.1.2 fixes Random Demand generation on maps with Pilgrims.
  • Version 1.1.1 fixes two install-related minor problems.

EBPEdit - Version 1.1

Version 1.1 was first released June 2007; it is a significant update. Here is some of what's new:

  • Jungle mileposts
  • Forest mileposts
  • You can limit the number of jungle mileposts a player may build to per turn.
  • You can limit the number of free (0 cost) mileposts a player may build to per turn.
  • You can now design your own locomotive types and upgrade paths
  • When setting payoffs for all demands, EBPEdit now gives you control over both the distance and build cost multipliers as well as random variance.
  • Pilgrims
  • Double click on a ferry's port to edit that ferry
  • Various problems with teleports (a type of ferry) have been repaired
  • The mouse wheel zooms in and out of the map (this can be turned off)
  • Events (such as Derailment) can be set to impact either the drawing player or other players
  • new "MP: city" and "MP: NOT above" event impact areas
  • Revolution event
  • Meteor Shower event
  • Special Demand event
  • Alternate events (useful for simulating dual event cards)
  • Event cities can be those listed on a demand card chosen at random
  • Impossible demand card checks added to Check Map feature
  • EBPEdit's help is available in an HTML-style format, Windows .CHM file.
  • Upward compatibility with maps from prior version

EBPEdit - Version 1.0.17

January 2007 minor update to work around a registration problem on some computers.

EBPEdit - Version 1.0.16

January 2007 minor update to repair a possible program crash upon an attempt to engage a reverse color background.

EBPEdit - Version 1.0.15

December 2006 minor update to repair improper milepost fill color when printing.

EBPEdit - Version 1.0.14

November 2006 minor update to repair malfunctioning grid feature. Improved Spanning Tree calculation. Upon clicking a city or load in Map Info, the Demands and Demanded by are now sorted into alphabetical order, and the demand # is shown.

EBPEdit - Version 1.0.13

November 2006 minor update fixes the following: upon open an existing map, the labels would not be active even if the Labels Active checkbox was enabled; opening an existing map from a directory other than the one in which EBPEdit was installed would fail to load the bgnd. New feature: toggling the Bgnd Image checkbox off and on now reloads the bgnd image from disk; this is handy if you are concomitantly editing the bgnd via another program and want to view the updated version in EBPEdit.

EBPEdit - Version 1.0.12

November 2006 minor update to work around compiler bug that caused a hang upon clicking OK in the Region Names editing window.

EBPEdit - Version 1.0.11

September 2006 minor update. When creating a new map, EBPEdit would default to 60 x 50 mileposts regardless of the user's setting for those values.

EBPEdit - Version 1.0.10

July 2006 minor update that fixes a problem with renaming cities, and adds more items to the Check Map feature. It is upwardly compatible with prior saved maps.

EBPEdit - Version 1.0.9

June 2006 minor update that adds support for sound effects, and drawing groups of type "Other" to facilitate grouping of drawing elements like Volcanoes for use with Events. It also fixed a problem with the creation of ferries and printing of ferry port names.

EBPEdit - Version 1.0.8

March 2006 moderate update that adds support for Region names (instead of just letters), ability to place a big city at the edge of the map (including invisible center mp, and masked edge mps), and more event features.

EBPEdit - Version 1.0.7

January 2006 minor update that fixes a crash that could occur if you add a Load while creating a new city. The NAM map has been renamed EB5.

EBPEdit - Version 1.0.6

December 2005 minor update that repairs the display of Flood Events. The NAM map has been updated as well.

EBPEdit - Version 1.0.5

November 2005 minor update that repairs a bug in the Move Dots feature that could cause loss of map content. It also adds a Show button to the Event Card window that depicts on the map the impact area of the event being edited.

EBPEdit - Version 1.0.4

October 2005 minor update that repairs a crash if you delete the last Event Card. It also adds a new map setting to the Prices window: CoastlineCross (set to 1 to allow players to build across ocean coastline, or 0 to disallow).

EBPEdit - Version 1.0.3

September 2005 to fix a minor problem.

EBPEdit - Version 1.0.2

September 2005 minor update that repairs problems with the Prices window and adds three new settings: Crossgrade cost, Ultra Freight cost (speed 16 train), and Circus pay.

EBPEdit - Version 1.0.1

August 2005 minor update that repairs a few small problems.

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