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RailGameFans Ordering - Key Information

NOTE: for the registration process to work properly you must have a recent game version!


When placing a registration order for RBP or EBP, first verify you have a sufficiently new version of the software.

To find your version number, run the software and choose its Help, About menu.
The version number in the form X.Y.Z is near the top of the About window between the sofwate name and its date.
If your version is too old, you must first upgrade to the current as described below or the registration will not work!

Software Min Version You Need To Auto Upgrade Use Or, Manual Upgrade Link
RBP - Rail Baron® 3.7.0 RBP's File, Download Update menu RBP.ZIP download
RBPEdit map editor 3.7.0 RBPEdit's File, Download Update menu RBPEdit.ZIP download
EBP - EB Pronto™ 1.7.0 EBP's File, Download Update menu EBP.ZIP download
EBPEdit map editor 1.7.0 EBPEdit's File, Download Update menu EBPEdit.ZIP download

Once you have a sufficiently new version of any software you wish to register, you can proceed.

If you want delivery by mail instead, or to pay by check, print and mail an order form:
Rail Baron® items or Empire Builder Pronto™ items

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